Ukraine Incognita TOP 25 (Part 1)

"How did it come about that Kyiv - 'the mother of Russian cities' - is the capital of Ukraine?

A childish question at first glance. But it in fact shows the essence of a gross misplacement of ideas, a major historical hoax a centuries-old history.

In reality, Kyiv is the "mother of Rus' cities, means "of RUS" in Old East Slavonic, whyle Russky means "Russian" in  modern Russian. This is way this well-know phrase sounds in the Nestor's chronicle TALE of BYGONE YEARS. A powerful soft sign has survived through the millenia. The truth of RUS' is making a comeback.
 Whhy is Russia still accepting the existence of an independent Ukrainian state abd a self-sufficient Ukrainian nation through clenched teeth? It is very simple - recognizing Ukrain's thousand-year-long history undermines Russia's imperial instinct.

The 9th century was a period when large political entities, such as Germany and France, were emerging. It is easy to understand Russia's desire to busking and stand in the same line with them, Since the 1990s, that country has been actively developing its muscles, and when the chain of command had established and all the material resources had been seized, the ruling top decided it was time to "build up" some history. They are not afraid now to foray into the territory of Ukraine and Belarus, for they have already done a good economic jpd here. But history itself protests against this expancion. There are some "details" that hinder Russia from being placed on the list of Europe's most ancient states. So why not rob the Ukrainians of it in any case. Russia wants to appropriate some of our history also because it "is up for grabs". Like the UPA, which waas an army without state, Ukrainian history is today also deprived of a mechanism of state protection.

To be continued.......  
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