SPA-tour Duration 10 hours. Make  on Tuesdays.
Uzhgorod - Berehovo - Kosyno (hot springs) - wine tasting - Uzhgorod

Moving to the Berehove.
City Tour in the center Berehovo, familiarity with Hungarian culture. Berehovo - is the city, located near the Hungarian border, which is the center of the Hungarian capital of culture and wine Transcarpathia. Walking tour, introduction to Hungarian culture, historical and architectural monuments:
- Roman Catholic Church of the XII century, destroyed by the Tatars in 1241, rebuilt in 1370, rebuilt in 1846;
-Transcarpathian Hungarian Pedagogical Institute;
- Count wonderful Palace (1629) Transylvanian tycoon Gabriel Bethlen;
- Reformed Church (two thousand five hundred and fifty);
- the building of the hotel "Lion Yard» (XVII century);
- casino restaurant "Golden Peacock";
- the old bridge over the river Werke.
- Visit the thermal pool (with a  bathing suits).
Moving to Kosyno.
- Visit the thermal pool (with a mother bathing suits).
Lunch at Chardy. Fine Hungarian cuisine. Tavern translated lone tavern or inn in the Hungarian steppe. In earlier times, served as a rallying point for semi Magyar shepherds and all sorts of merry fellows - betyarov, including real steppe thieves. Now Tavern this place for tourists, where you can feel the spirit of the Hungarian national dish to eat, drink Hungarian wine and listen to appropriate music.
House of wine in Yanoshi. You can buy favorite wines.
Return to Uzhgorod or Mukachevo.

You can book this tour at any convenient time and date, gathering a group of at least 10 people.
The cost of individual trips is calculated based on the number of persons.

The price includes:
Transport service under the plan tours.
Support guide according to the program.

Additional charges:
Wine tasting - 60 UAH / person.
Swimming  in thermal pools - 350 UAH - 3 hours/adult; 150 UAH - 3 hours/children; (Additional 40 UAH/wardrobe).
Lunch - about . 80 UAH/person.
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