Bathing in vats over an open fire with water, hydrogen sulfide, near a mountain river. Excursion to the castle Nevitsky and a trip to the remote mountain village Lumshory. In Lumshory - a short walk to the small waterfalls Nightingale and Partizan.
Uzhgorod - Nevytske - Lumshory - Perechyn - Uzhhorod. Duration 8 hours.
Departure from Uzhgorod.
Moving to Nevytske.
- Tour to Nevitsky Castel
Moving to an ancient mountain village Lumshory:
- a walk along a mountain stream to the waterfall "Nightingale" and "Guerrilla" 
And the main
- swimming in vats.
Dinner in the ethnic restaurant. Delicious Transcarpathian cuisine.
Return to Uzhgorod.

You can book this tour at convenient for you time and date, gathering a group of at least 15 people.
The cost of individual trips is calculated based on the number of persons.

The price includes:
The transport  support under the program.
Support guide - a guide according to the program.

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