Minimum group is 6 people. 
Program tour.
You will  visit the ideal city - Zbarazh, with the church  Bernardyriv  and Zbarazh castle with two museums and parks. After the tour, we stop at a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine "Old Mill.
The price includes, comfortable transportation, guide, entrance tickets to the Castle.
Additional fee - tickets to museums, dinner in the restaurant, personal expenses.
Take the  cap, camera, comfortable shoes, money.
Zbarazh Castle (1631 - XVIII c.) Is one of the most beautiful and best preserved fortifications in Ternopil.
Here was the dramatic war  between Cossacks and Polish troops. Writing by Henryk Sienkiewicz novel. With Fire and Sword and make movie by  Jerzy Hoffman.
Zbrazh  built on the principle of ideal city" of the Renaissance. The essence of the concept was to create a balanced planning structure of the city.
Defensive factors
Placing castle on a hill surrounded by natural barriers, which filled with water moat, ramparts on the perimeter of the castle.
Residence Palace
The system of social life. On the basis of complete self residents free city - Magdeburg Law. This system was reflected in the architecture and planning of ideal city were provided quarters for the location of community centers, church communities and with public buildings. Streets were built shops. The main architectural building in the city was City Hall - a symbol of power.
Engineering communications
The castle is a well depth of 70 meters. Since castle stands on a hill, in the water aqueducts been submitted to the city. A drainage system helped sewage to flow into the swamp which is located below the city.
Work schedule
Open daily without lunch:
• spring and summer from 9.00 to 20.00 hours.
• In autumn and winter from 9.00 to 18.00.
Ternopil region.,. Zbraj Str. B. Khmelnitsky, 28
49 ° 39'50.48 N, 25 ° 47'4.22 E

Excursion in Zbarazh Castle - a vivid and unforgettable feeling! In the restored castle in medieval style refectory where you can dine felt the spirit of past ages, taste the best dishes of Ukrainian cuisine.

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