Excursion for one day

Ternopil Start at 06:30 or 08:00
Meeting the group at the railway station.
Transfer: Ternopil - Mlynky - Bilche-Zolotye - Monastic - Nurkiv - Ternopil

Excursion program

Mlynky (cave "Mlynky") Three-hour excursion to the cave (extreme excursion).
Lunch Optional.

Bilche-Zolotye (Verteba cave). Theories of life of the Trypillians underground. Astrological sabers of Trypillya. Verteba as a sacred temple of Trypillian culture. Representation of unique finds of Trypillian culture. Model room.

Monastery (cave "Pagan") The secrets of megalithic altars. Secrets of ritual ancient actions.

The Renaissance of the Ruins of the Castle, XVII century. Ruins of the Catholic Church, 1615 Ruins of the family mausoleums of the nobles Poninsky. "Dzhurinsky" waterfall, 16 m.

Friendship Restaurant-pub "Mikulin-brovar". Tasting beer in a pub-restaurant, 8 varieties for bottling (facultatively).

Ternopil Railway Station: 20:30 or 22:00.

The cost of the journey is included
Transport services
Excursions in caves
Excursions to historic places

The cost of the travel is not included
Train tickets Lunch - 65 UAH / person.
Entrance tickets - 80 UAH / person.
Rent a lantern - 20 UAH / person.
Overalls - 25 UAH per person .;
Tasting beer

Need to have
Snowboarding for a trip to the cave Mlini (sneakers, humans)
Comfortable underwear for the Mlynky cave (light and free, which is comfortable to wear under the speleo suit)
Work gloves
Hat or scarf
Jacket or other warm top dress for a tour of the Verteba cave


Swimming suit


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