Walking promenade

Walking promenade in Teropil

The longest promenade lined with cobblestones in Western Ukraine

It has a bicycle track. Length three kilometry. For walking and cycling

1UAH*One person

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Zbarazh castle

Half day excursion to Zbarazh Castle

is most beautiful and best preserved fortifications castle in Ternopil

Duration 4 hours. Beginning at 16:00

250UAH*One person

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Ternopil city tour

Ternopil city tour

Duration of excursion 2.5 hours

90UAH*One person

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Ternopil Cave (tree cave, castel, woterfall)

Excursion for one day from Ternopil

Ternopil - cave "Mlynky" - cave "Verteba" - cave "Pagan" - Nirkiv - Ternopil

Book by phone 096 734 4856

350UAH*One person

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Stone caves

Date of tour from Ternopil 22 -23 July

Ternopil - cave "Mills" - cave "Verteba" - cave "Yazychenska" - festival - cave "Crystal" - Hawtin - Kamenets - Ternopil

1050UAH*One person

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Individual boat trip

Individual boat trip in Ternopil

To Ternopil Lake and the nearby canal

Relax on the water and the free route

700UAH*One person

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Folk crafts of the Carpathians

Ternopil - Kosmach

650UAH*One person

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Lake fishing

Lake fishing on Ternopil

Fishing on private lake near Ternopil

Includ privat garden house with barbecue and wood, three kg of fish includ

Transfer to the two way included

1200UAH*One person

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Topilche Park and Mini Zoo

Park Topilche in Ternopil

canals, bridges and bike tracks

Also area in the park have a mini zoo, where animals can be fed and the island of Cossack glory.

1UAH*One person

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Boat trip

A boat trip along the Ternopil lake

Includes movement from the main pier in the park to them. T. Shevchenko to the opposite side. Disembark at Dale Beach, the only sandy beach of the city. The length of the route is about an hour, length is three kilometers

25UAH*One person

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